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event details:

The White Tantric Yoga 2020 event in Stockholm is over.

We look forward to seeing you next year

February 19, 2022. 

Registration opens November, 2021.


Doors open at 7:45am. You will need to bring:

  • your ticket with QR code

  • a large bottle of water. 

  • everything you need to make a comforable spot for meditation. 

  • a yoga mat, pillow or blanket, or sheepskin and a shawl.

Wear modest, white/off-white clothes and a white head cover.  No scents or essential oils. Turn off all electronics. Vegatarian lunch provided.

The ending time of the course is variable. You should prepare your schedule to be available till 7:00pm.

Read About Covering Your Head



1780 SEK per person. Early bird price 1500 SEK if purchased by December 15, 2019

1550 SEK full-time students or seniors 65+ with valid ID. Early Bird price 1350 SEK if purchased by December 15, 2019

1900 SEK at the door. Registration closes February 15, 2020 at 09:00 AM.



Course MANTRA SHEET will be posted here when it is available


What To Expect  White Tantric Yoga® is done in pairs as a group meditation. You sit facing a partner and follow instructions for meditation given on video by the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan. A representative of the Mahan Tantric will be present to facilitate White Tantric Yoga®.  Each workshop consists of between six and eight kriyas. A kriya is a meditation incorporating one or all of the following:

  • a yoga posture (asana)  

  • a breathing technique (pranayam)  

  • a mental focus and/or a mantra  

  • a hand position (mudra)  

Sometimes the kriyas are accompanied by music. These kriyas vary in length up to sixty-two minutes. There are breaks in between each kriya.  The environment is peaceful, and the atmosphere is friendly, supportive, and uplifting. 

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